Thursday, August 30, 2012

Viserys Targaryen - The Blood of the Dragon

Oh Viserys. His time in the ASOIAF universe is short lived, but memorable. He is the brother of Dany and looks a bit like a nerdy Legolas. This is the first character with an actual death scene for the Swords page! Yay?

So like his sister, Viserys also has a long "official" name (well, more like what he thinks he should be called). Viserys Targaryen, the Third of His Name, King of the Andals, the Rhoynar and the First Men, Lord of the Seven Kingdoms and Protector of the Realm. Actually most people in the realm just call him "The Beggar King" because he has to sell a lot of his prized possessions to make ends meet for himself and his little sister. Actually, I don't think Viserys starts out that bad and you have to feel sorry for him. His family ruled Westeros for a hell of a long time and he should have been living a life similar to Prince Harry (naked pictures and cocaine, anyone)? Instead, everyone in his family was killed except for him and Dany. They have to live in exile while some other dude is king. Viserys feels pretty cheated and you can't really blame him for that. He wants the crown back and feels it is rightfully is. And he may have been right, but he was so impatient about it and that was his downfall.

Reasons to hate Viserys: I am going to do something a little differently and do my hate section first. Mainly because there really is more to hate than to love about this guy. Let's start out with how he sells his baby sister (who is like 15 years old) to a vicious barbarian Dothraki warlord in exchange for an army to get his crown back. Yes, Dany grows to love Drogo, but it's still an asshole move. Although this isn't covered on the show, he totally wants to take her virginity for himself before her actual wedding. Luckily, this did not happen (ugh just what we need, more incest in this story)! And then, when Dany actually ends up relatively happy with her Dothraki life, he gets all jealous and yells at her all the time. He always is saying "you don't want to wake the dragon" and scaring the girl until she gains her own confidence.

What a creepoid! He also tries to sell Dany's dragon eggs and keeps annoying the Dothraki. He acts as though he has some sort of power over them and they just think he is a big loser. They love Dany, their Khaleesi, though and this just pisses him off to no end. The final straw comes when he gets wasted and threatens Dany, Drogo and their unborn baby. He demands that Drogo "pay" for his sister and give him his golden crown. This is the response he gets from Drogo (warning, this is NOT for the faint of heart)!

Ahhhh, now Dany is the only heir to the Targaryen dynasty, thank you Viserys! I hope that crown feels good on your melted head.

Reasons to love Viserys: Well, Viserys is kind of fun to hate because he is so ridiculous. The way he acts is hilarious sometimes. He is like an uncool, delicate wisp of a guy in the midst of all those hardcore Dothraki. And he actually tries to boss them around! And like I said before, I think he starts out as an all right guy and just wants back what should be his (in his opinion). He was nice to Dany in their younger years before he grew resentful and mean. Plus, he could have gained the crazy genes from his old dad Aerys (aka the Mad King). Even after his death, Dany decides to remember the good things about him and feels like he was a good person underneath his cruelty. She honors him by naming one of her baby dragons Viserion in his memory. Check out the cutie on the right, the cream colored one! R.I.P. Viserys, may his dragon do what he could not!

High School: For some reason I imagine Viserys as a band geek and I cant really explain why that is. I bet he would play a (golden) saxophone and would think he was better at it than he was. He would be an entitled rich kid with lots of allergies. He would totally show up uninvited to parties of the popular kids and make a drunken fool out of himself. Viserys would feel that he was popular enough to run for class president and campaign hard for it. Kind of like Reese Witherspoon in that one "Election" movie. Imagine his horror on election day when his adorable little sister wins with a bunch of write-in votes!

Let's Mix In Some Sticks: So there is no way Viserys could even pretend he was a hockey player. He is way to much of a wuss. He would definitely be involved in the Detroit Red Wings due to their dragon-esqe name. Actually, he would totally be the son of the owner of the team and would give out unsolicited advice. Those Red Wings better not wake the dragon (Oh whatever, Viserys)!

The Targaryen Red Wings


Sunday, August 26, 2012

Brienne - The Maid of Tarth

I was inspired to do my Brienne profile after my last post. Brienne does not appear right away and doesn't really hit her stride until the third book. Then, she is given her own POV chapters in Book 4. Brienne is a really cool character and one of my favorites. She is described as extremely unattractive and mannish. She is tall, flat-chested and thick. Her face isn't much better, with an oft broken nose and she is covered in freckles. She does have pretty blue eye (noticed by Jaime, awww). All of this wouldn't be a huge deal, but Brienne is the only child of a noble family. Her dad wanted to marry her off to someone suitable, but that proved to be a difficult task. Brienne is much more interested in becoming a knight and focuses her energy on honing those skills.

This picture is from the second season of the HBO series. Brienne doesn't have a large role yet, but they did an excellent job casting her. I was a bit worried when they first showed the actress they casted, Gwendoline Christie. She is way pretty and was hoping they weren't going to "Hollywoodize" Brienne.

So far, I think she has done an excellent job of portraying Brienne. She even has a Twitter account! Check her out at She is very funny and even talks about filming the show here and there. I just think she is great! But back to Brienne, the character. The poor thing has some mean nicknames. She is called the Maid of Tarth as a way to point out her virginity. Some of the men in Renly's camp make wagers on who can "take her maidenhead" in a cruel bet. She is also called Brienne the Beauty in a obvious mocking fashion. Despite the fact that she shows great skill with a sword, no one really takes her seriously as a knight because she is a woman. The only man who showed her any kindness was Renly Baratheon. He treated her courteously and with Brienne promptly fell completely in love with him. Oh Brienne honey, I don't think you are Renly's type!

Reasons to love Brienne: It is very easy to identify with Brienne. I think we've all felt uncomfortable in our own skin and felt like an outcast. Poor Brienne spent most of her early life stuffed into dresses and looking ridiculous. She was forced to play the part of a lady and did so poorly. Once she discovered she wanted to become a knight, there was no turning back. She is very loyal and wanted to use her skills and become a member of King Renly's Rainbow Guard (ha) to protect Renly. She eventually acheives her goal by defeating Ser Loras, the Knight of Flowers, in competition and becomes "Brienne the Blue" in the Rainbow Guard. Here is the scene of her defeating Loras.

LOL Loras is none too pleased by this turn of events! I think Brienne is making him a little bit jealous! But Renly can't go wrong with Brienne as a protector. Not only is she in love with him, she is the most loyal character in the series despite maybe Ned Stark. If she swears and oath to you, she takes it seriously and will fight until the end. When things don't turn out so well with Renly (sniff), she then pledges her services to Catelyn Stark and she proves to be just as loyal to her. Well, if she can stop flirting with her Kingslaying prisoner for 5 seconds!

Reasons to hate Brienne: There isn't really any reason to hate Brienne. As I mentioned before, In "A Sword of Storms", the story with Brienne and Jaime is one of my favorites. It was told from Jaime's point of view. In "A Feast for Crows", Brienne's storyline with Jaime is over for the most part, and her story is a bit boring to me. It picks up later, but I feel it is kind of pointless. She is searching for Sansa and Arya and we, as the readers, already know where those two are. So it's kind of boring to read about Brienne looking for them. Especially when she is way off!

High School: Aww Brienne is someone everyone can identify with in high school! She would be an ugly, nerdy girl who keeps to herself. She would be made fun of for her looks and wouldn't be able to hide because she was so tall. She would probably play a sport like basketball (or hockey?) and be better than all of the guys. But they wouldn't respect her because they would be jealous that she was better than them. And the guys would all invite her to prom as a big joke. But Brienne would have her own crushes that probably wouldn't lead to anything. She would have a crush on her gay best friend and would annoy the hell out of his boyfriend. The Jaime high school character would eventually be assigned as her lab partner and she would start out hating him. But then over time, she would soften towards him and have secret fantasies about him being her boyfriend.

Let's Mix in Some Sticks: So Saucer and I have been discussing this one for a couple of days. I asked her if there were any female hockey players that would work for Brienne. I guess there aren't and that's okay. Instead, we think we can put Brienne as a catalyst in one of the more popular hockey bromances. Let's go back to Saucer's Patrick Kane post and focus on the Patrick and Jonathan Toews bromance. They would totally be like Renly and Loras in the ASOIAF universe and Brienne would come between them. Her hockey counterpart is going to be T.J. Oshie!! Saucer will be doing a post on him soon, so stay tuned. I imagine him wanting to be Toews new best friend. Toews would like him all right, but it would make Patrick super mad!! Here is a picture of the three of them.

It looks like T.J. Oshie is dying to join Patrick and Johnny's Rainbow Guard.

I am going to end this post with a funny picture from Ser Loras's Twitter account (aka Adorable..Brienne and Loras getting along!


Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Jaime Lannister - The Kingslayer

Ahhh, Jaime!! Before I begin I would like to explain myself. Yes, Jaime is one of my ASOIAF crushes. Yes, I know he is pretty much a douche and he pushes children out windows and has sexy times with his sister. I feel kind of lame because as soon as I told Saucer about my crush, she was watching that one episode where he is beating the shit out of poor Ned and his entourage. I am fully aware of all of Jaime's flaws and I was not a big fan at first. But unlike Cersei, his point of view chapters really warmed me up to him. And his strange alliance with Brienne of Tarth really touched my heart. Plus, he totally looks like Sawyer from Lost. Look at this!

So Jaime has only one nickname that really counts and that is The Kingslayer. He is known as this based on his actions during "Robert's Rebellion" (when are we going to get a prequel detailing this whole story?!) Long story short, Jaime was part of the Kingsguard sworn to protect King Aerys II aka The Mad King aka Dany's daddy. The king had a terrible plan that would kill everyone in Kings Landing by fire. Jaime slew the king before this could happen, Robert Baratheon took the throne and everyone was saved. Honestly, Jaime did real good here saving the city and all. But no one really knows why he did what he did and he is given a lot of crap for his betrayal (I'm looking at you, Brienne). So Jaime is called The Kingslayer by all the realm.

Reasons to love Jaime: Jaime is very handsome and looks like a male Cersei. He is considered to be the best knight ever and wins tons of tournaments with that sword of his. If you aren't into sports, Jaime is quite humorous. I like his chapters because a lot of humor comes through, even in the darkest of times. He can come across as arrogant but he does it in a funny way. Also, he is way nicer to Tyrion than Cersei is and genuinely is fond of him. Anyone who has Tyrion's back is okay with me!

Reasons to hate Jaime: See my intro. Jaime is kind of crazy..about Cersei. If it wasn't for Cersei, Jaime would be a lot more reasonable. To be fair, he truly seems to love her and is completely faithful to her. But it's his freaking SISTER and it's not cool to do the things he does. Even if they are "the things he does for love."

Brienne, the Maid of Tarth: Okay if I were to ship anyone in these books, I would totally ship Jaime and Brienne! Yes they meet under some strange circumstances and they hate each other for a lot of it. And don't forget he is her prisoner! But I think Brienne makes him human again. She is like the anti-Cersei. She is ugly, mannish and has a heart of gold. I love them together! Their scenes are some of my favorites in the books and I can't wait until they get to them in the show. Here is an early picture of their growing friendship (or whatever you want to call it).

High School: I was totally ready to have Jaime be the high school male version of Cersei but then I got to thinking. I actually don't think he would be like that at all. He would definitely be a jock, but also kind of a loner. He wouldn't have that many male friends and would be aloof to all the girls who would be super fans. As with Cersei before him, I don't think his incest would translate into today's high school arena. He would be dating a really popular, pretty and shallow girl and having lots of hot sex with her. He would convince himself that he was in love with her. But there would be nerdy and ugly girl in one of his classes he wouldn't be able to get out of his mind no matter how hard he tried.

Let's Mix in Some Sticks: Like Saucer in her most recent post, we are going to start connecting the world of hockey with the world of Game of Thrones. Since I am so new to hockey, I consulted Saucer about Jaime. She said that he would definitely be a player name Tyler Seguin. According to her, he is a "sexy, hot mess". Sounds a lot like our Jaime! According to his Wikipedia page, he is quite the hockey player. He is to hockey what Jaime is to jousting. And I agree with Saucer regarding his looks. Look at this guy!

I chose this particular picture rather than one of the many "shirtless" ones that showcase his "assets" better. This picture reminds me of Jaime. Substitute that stick for a sword, throw some knight-wear on him and send him to the realm!! Wait, Tyler doesn't have a twin sister, does he?


Monday, August 20, 2012

Cersei Lannister - The Evil Queen

Finally a post about a character who is really hard to like! I call her Cersei Lannister even though her last name should really be Baratheon. But everyone calls her Lannister . But she hates her husband (a fact she barely conceals) so it doesn't really matter. She doesn't mind being the Queen though. And she does quite a lovely job. Here is a picture of her and King Robert acting all royal. That adorable little boy next to them is the better of the two sons, Tommen. Joffrey is a little asshole with no redeeming qualities. But I will go into that later. Too bad Joffrey is next in line for the throne.

Yeah yeah, Cersei is sooooo pretty and regal looking. Ugh, she is probably plotting evil schemes in that very picture. Probably thinking evil thoughts about our beloved Starks. Cersei loves power and would do anything to have it for herself or for her children. She is of the noble family, Lannister, and is sister to Tyrion and twin sister to Jaime, the greatest knight in the realm. She doesn't really have any nicknames besides Queen, Queen Regent and Lady of Casterly Rock. But she doesn't need any. She is considered to be the most beautiful woman in the realm and she is the Queen, duh! Oh, and that twin brother I mentioned earlier. Cersei is totally doing him. Ewwww! Here is a picture of those two sickos.

Oh who am I kidding, if they weren't related they might be kind of a cute couple. I really enjoy Lena Heady, who plays Cersei. It was probably hard to find an actress who lives up to the beauty described in the books. But she totally works it. I think she really hits her stride in Season 2 and I absolutely think she deserved an Emmy nomination for her work.

Reasons to love Cersei: Well I guess if you are really superficial and going by looks alone, Cersei would definitely win Westeros's Next Top Model. But she would probably "take care of" any prettier contestants so who knows. Hmm, well Cersei is a good mom to her little monster, Joffrey and her other kids. Here is a clip of Tyrion describing her better qualities at around 2:20.

I guess you can admire Cersei for being sexually adventurous. Men, women, kings, knights, fools, cousins, brothers..the list goes on! Cersei gets around and gets away with it. And I think her love for Jaime is genuine, however twisted that may be.

Reasons to hate Cersei: Late, I will go into Cersei vs. Ned Stark, Sansa Stark and basically everybody who has the last name Stark. They are the story's heroes, more or less, and Cersei is a direct antagonist. But I honestly didn't really hate Cersei until "A Feast for Crows" where we were treated to an inside look at her craziness via her point-of-view chapters. Although Tyrion hinted at it, I didn't realize just how cruel and ruthless our queen really was. Some of the things she does are unspeakable and her alliance with the torturer, Qyburn is something out of a horror movie. Plus, she really is horrible to her little brother Tyrion (who I love). She blames him for their mother dying and does anything to make his life hell. She apparently never showed Tyrion any kindness in her life. Though I don't want to spoil anything, even Jaime is not off limits for her cruelty. Screw you, Cersei! I am glad you are on Arya's death list. Let's see how that turns out for you.

High School: Ha ha, I feel kind of bad for any male/female twins out there who have Game of Thrones fans for friends. They probably have to suffer side eyes and people wondering if they do it Lannister style! I seriously doubt I had any twincestual twins in my high school, so I will skip that. Cersei would be the head cheerleader, queen bee, total bitch-slut of any high school. But everyone would want to win her approval anyway. She would be dating the most popular guy in high school (prom king, perhaps?) and would be cheating on him. Probably not with her brother, but who knows! There's not much else to say about her high school alter ego. It's probably the most obvious one!

With that I will leave you with this beautiful and sinister picture of Queen Cersei on the Iron Throne.


Thursday, August 16, 2012

Arya Stark - Future Assassin

This post about Arya is the final featuring featuring my top four favorite characters. After this, I am going to randomly select characters and their profiles might not be so glowing. Without further adieu, here is Arya!

What a little cutie! But don't be fooled by her innocent-looking appearance. This little girl is deadly when she has to be. As usual, let's take a look at some of her nicknames. Keep in mind, most of these were created by her older brothers and their friends (or mean boys from the Kingsroad). Arya Horseface, Arya Underfoot, Arry (when she is pretending to be a boy), Weasel and my personal favorite, Lumpyhead (or Lumpyface). Arya takes these all in stride. She is a master of different identities throughout the whole book. She is, in realty, a Princess of Winterfell. The youngest daughter of Ned and Catelyn Stark. But she would rather be playing with swords.

Okay, this is the first post where an actor/actress from the show actually HAS a twitter account. Now I can post a link to it like Saucer gets to with her hockey players. The young girl who plays Arya's name is Maisie Williams and her Twitter is a lot of fun. Check it out here: . But be warned, she might make you feel really old. I really like the character of Arya and think Maisie nails it. Sometimes when you read the books, it seems like it would be hard to find a child actor who can portray such a character. But she does it with ease and really brings Arya to life.

Reasons to love Arya: Arya doesn't take any crap. And she is usually right about everything! If only her sister Sansa would see things the way she does. Sansa is only interested in the boring stuff that's expected of noble girls. And boys. Sigh, Sansa only cares about boys and who she is going to marry. Arya thinks all that is stupid and would rather learn how to fight and maybe be a knight someday. Luckily, her father and brothers indulge her a bit. As mentioned in the previous post, Jon gives her Needle the sword (Needle!!) Her dad, Ned, let's her take fencing lessons from a renowned swordsman (Syrio Forel). When things go to hell and Arya has to pretend to be a boy joining the Night's Watch, she really comes into her own and even a little vicious. But she is smart. Look at her scene here with that weirdo Jaqen H'ghar (who has promised her 3 deaths of people she hates).

Ha ha, take that Jaqen!!

Reasons to hate Arya: I love Arya and there is no reason for me to hate her. I kind of wish Arya and Sansa would have been better friends in the earlier books. Although Sansa pretty much sucks at the beginning, her and Arya could have avoided a lot of trouble had they stuck together. But in the end, it's really Sansa who is at fault and I don't blame Arya in the least. Neither even have direwolves anymore thanks to dumbass Sansa. It might also be hard to like Arya if you are any of the following:

Yes, at 9 years old, Arya has a death list. And (spoiler alert) she is on her way to acheiving every last one of them! Because she is a badass. If she doesn't do it herself, she will find help/get trained in order to do it.

High School: Well, Arya would be the younger sister of a very popular and pretty girl. But don't call her Jan Brady! Unlike her sister, she could care less about her dating life. She would totally be one of those girls who want to join the football team. Some of the guys would make fun of her and call her a boy. But she would have the last laugh by beating their asses. Many a male ego would be ruined in that high school by Arya Stark! Let's see, she would have some friends but if they ditched her, she wouldn't really care. Arya is a loner at heart. Hmm I am trying to think of a modern day equivalent of her mighty sword, Needle? A mighty IPad? No, that doesn't work. Okay, I will just make her have a sword anyway. I take it all back. Arya would totally be a Ren Fair dork who carries around a sword. She would walk around looking like this.

Hopefully, her death list would only mean deleting people from her Facebook account. Viva La Arya!


Monday, August 13, 2012

Jon Snow - You Know Nothing

My third entry is about everyone's favorite bastard, Jon Snow. He really is a fine character even though I think he takes life waaaaaaay too seriously. Lighten up Jon Snow! To be fair, he really does have a lot to deal with. However, he has brought a lot of it on himself.

Jon Snow doesn't really have a lot of nicknames like some of the others. The Bastard of Winterfell, Lord Snow, Lord Crow. All boring! On the Wiki page for ASOIAF, they say he is sometimes called The Black Bastard of the Wall, which is kind of funny. I don't remember anyone calling him that though! My hope is that one day, he hooks up with Dany and they rule the realm together. That's probably the subject of many a fanfiction!

Here is a picture of Jon Snow:

I am a big fan despite the lack of smiling. Seriously, does Jon EVER smile?! Jon is very handsomely played by Kit Harington, who I really enjoy. He sometimes makes Derek Zoolander faces and actually does look like a male model. He always looks so cold which I guess is to be expected. Thank goodness for his pelts!! Let's hope PETA never comes to The Wall, Jon Snow.

Here is a little history of Jon. His dad is Ned Stark (of the noble House Stark). But he can't be called Jon Stark because he is a bastard child. So apparently, bastards in the norrth have to take the last name "Snow" so everyone knows they are a bastard. This seems kind of mean, it's not their fault their dad has a wandering peen! But at least Ned didn't abandon Jon and took him home to my personal favorite castle, Winterfell and raised him with his half-brothers and sisters. His stepmom, Catelyn, is pretty much a raging bitch to him. He reminds her that her husband once cheated on her.

Jon doesn't feel like he has a lot of options in life and is sort of a moody teenager. So he up and joins the Night's Watch and heads to THE WALL without really giving it a lot of thought. I have never really understood this. It seems like people only join the Night's Watch as a last resort and it kind of sucks. Like criminals will go only because it's better than getting beheaded. I mean, look at this thing!

And look what you have to deal with when you go there:

Scary!! And once you join, you can never leave. If you do, you are automatically beheaded. Probably by Jon's own father, Ned Effing Stark!! Oh and you can never marry, have kids or have any fun once you join the Night's watch. I cannot understand why someone would join voluntarily. You have other options Jon Snow!

Reasons to love Jon Snow: Ok, maybe I am being a bit too harsh. Jon is actually a really likeable young man. And I guess I should give him props for taking things seriously. Someone has to in this incredibly dark world. He does get to have a little fun. He is super nice to his friend Samwell when no one else is. And I secretly like when he "joins" the wildlings. When he is with Ygritte, he gets to have a ton of fun! I can't wait until next season when they get to more of their scenes.

Kissed By Fire Ygritte!!

One of my favorite scenes in Season One is where Jon gives "Needle" to his little sister Arya. My heart just melts! Awwww!

Reasons to hate Jon Snow: Honestly, there really aren't any reasons to hate Jon Snow. I mean, just look at him! He is too serious sometimes, but he is brave and trustworthy. I would definitely feel safer knowing he was out there protecting me from all that weird shit by The Wall!

High School: Jon Snow would totally be an angsty teen who didn't hang out with the popular kids. While everyone else was out getting wasted, Jon would be in the library studying up on where he was going to college. He would feel like an outcast in his family even though his brothers and sisters totally love him. He would be a loner, but would befriend the occasional nerd who would look up to him. Girls would totally want to date Jon, but he wouldn't have any interest unless they completely threw themselves at him.

I will end this with a picture of Jon and his sweet direwolf, Ghost. I love that wolf!


Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Tyrion Lannister, Former Hand of the King

Tyrion is my second character profile and I feel he is one of the all time best. Like Dany before him, he is called a lot of other names throughout the book. Unfortunately for him, they are not all positive! As a dwarf in this particular time period, poor Tyrion has had to endure many hardships. He is lucky he is of a noble, rich family or else he most likely would not have seen adulthood.

So here are some of his nicknames: Tyrion Lannister, Lord of Casterly Rock (um, sort of, if his dad didn't hate him), Master of Coin, Hand of the King. These are the good ones. He is also called The Imp, The Halfman, "Giant" of Lannister and pretty much any other derogatory name you could call a short man, let alone a dwarf! I, personally, find him quite handsome.

It is pretty much a given that Peter Dinklage is superb in his role (see his Emmy and Golden Globe). I honestly cannot see anyone else playing Tyrion, it is like the role was written for him. The only complaint some may have is that Mr. Dinklage is too good-looking. Tyrion is described as much uglier (almost monstrous) in the books.

Reasons to love Tyrion: He is basically the only lovable Lannister (well, more on that in another post)! You wish there was a way to root for him without rooting for his stupid sister and nephew. Like in the Battle of Blackwater. Tyrion fought and showed his true bravery and skills. Not like anyone would recognize it. Tyrion is super sweet to whores too. He has such a soft spot for them and you can tell he likes their personalities in addition to their "skills". Though he is not always the smartest when it comes to these women, Tyrion is one of the most clever characters in all the books. He gets himself out of all kinds of tricky situations. Look at how he avoids getting thrown out of a castle and into thin air:

Yay for Tyrion!! Oh yes, how could I forget..he also slaps Joffrey around!! This reason alone should make him everyone's favorite character for life.

Reasons to hate Tyrion: Okay, I love Tyrion and all but I must say he IS a bit on the ruthless side when it comes to his family pissing him off. I don't want to give anything away, but damn dude! (See the end of "A Storm of Swords").

There is actually nothing I overly dislike about Tyrion. His POV chapters are always entertaining and his story is one of my favorites. I really missed him in the fourth book and am happy to see him back in the fifth. I just feel so bad for him sometimes! It sucks that his sister is such a bitch to him and that she is also the Queen. She is able to make life hell for the poor guy. No wonder he drink so much mead and wine! That Tyrion can guzzle it down!

Bronn and Varys: I love Tyrion's interaction with both of these men! Even though you can't really trust either of them, it's nice to see that some people recognize that Tyrion is pretty damn cool.

High School: Well, Tyrion would totally be the son of a rich family and his siblings would be the most popular kids in school. He would be a bit of a class clown, but all of his teachers wouldn't be able to deny his cleverness. He would have crushes on all the trashy sluts and they would probably date him just because they would want to get close to his family (mostly his brother). He would be a loner and only have a couple of close friends who he drinks with. They probably have their own chess club and drink heavily as they try to outwit each other.

Three cheers for Tyrion Lannister! Sometimes great things come in small packages indeed.


Monday, August 6, 2012

Daenerys Targaryen, the First of Her Name

I want to first say that my character profiles are going to remain mostly spoiler free. I know a lot of people might be clicking on this from the "Sticks" section and I am hoping to inspire them to watch the show and/or read the books (this includes Saucer). The last thing I want to do is blab everything that happens! There are so many great surprises. I may create another page where people can talk freely about everything. Oh, and I haven't even finished "A Dance With Dragons" yet anyway.

So, I chose Ms. Targaryen as my first blog entry. I will start by addressing her by her full title:

Daenerys Targaryen, the First of Her Name, Queen of Meereen, Queen of the Andals and the Rhoynar and the First Men, Lord of the Seven Kingdoms, Protector of the Realm, Khaleesi of the Great Grass Sea, called Daenerys Stormborn, the Unburnt, Mother of Dragons.

In addition to this, she has many other nicknames, but to make things easier I will just call her Dany! Such a simple all-American name. I like Dany and I like Emilia Clarke who plays her in the show.

Just look how purdy she is! I think the series did a wonderful job with casting her and the actress is super cool in interviews and truly seems to embrace her character and you can tell she is a fan of the books.

Reasons to love Dany: She is kind, brave, fair, beautiful, has a million names....and DRAGONS! Basically, she is perfect.

Watch her eat the hell out of that horse heart here:

I mean, that's pretty awesome (and she didn't throw up once).

Reasons to hate Dany: I don't know, why don't you go ask poor Viserys!

Besides that, Dany's chapters can be a bit tiresome and I want to see her DO SOMETHING already besides hang out in all these lands beyond the Narrow Sea. I want her to interact with some of my other favorites. To be fair, I am not that far into the 5th book and she may have done this. I will update once I finish the book.

Drogo: Okay, maybe one of the main reasons I love Dany is her relationship with the mighty Khal Drogo. They are so romantic! She is totally that mythical girl who can change a bad boy. Well, sort of. He is nice to her anyways. I mean "Moon of My Life" "Sun and Stars"'s like dialogue from the cheesiest romance novel ever! But they pull it off. Maybe because it's mostly said in Dothraki, the made up language of love. Plus Drogo is H.O.T.! Jason Momoa is a stallion (quite literally in this show).

Awww they are seriously the cutest couple of the Dothraki Sea! And probably Westeros too. Which brings me to the final section of my character profile. I thought it would be fun (and probably extremely dorky) to put our favorite ASOIAF characters in a high school setting. What would they be like in a modern day high school. And when I say "modern day" I am going by when I personally went to high school (which is probably more like the dark ages). So here it goes!

High School: Dany would totally be the incoming freshman who was absolutely stunning and all the older girls were jealous of her. She wouldn't even realize that all the guys wanted to date her and all the girls wanted to be her. And some of more jealous girls would want to destroy her. But most people wouldn't think that. Even if they were super jealous, it would be hard not to like Dany. Plus, she would be dating the meanest (but hottest) drug dealer in the school district. So you wouldn't want to mess with her anyway. Oh, she would also be in the 4H club raising baby animals and also be the class president. Well, she WILL be class president after she makes sure the current one is thrown out of office!

So those are my ramblings on Daenerys Targaryen. I hope you enjoyed it! I am starting with the major characters, but I will do the minor ones too. My goal is to give everyone their own post!


Sunday, August 5, 2012

Swords and Game of Thrones

So this is the page dedicated to Game of Thones written by Beddee. I am just testing things out right now to see what it looks like!

Valar Morghulis