Thursday, August 16, 2012

Arya Stark - Future Assassin

This post about Arya is the final featuring featuring my top four favorite characters. After this, I am going to randomly select characters and their profiles might not be so glowing. Without further adieu, here is Arya!

What a little cutie! But don't be fooled by her innocent-looking appearance. This little girl is deadly when she has to be. As usual, let's take a look at some of her nicknames. Keep in mind, most of these were created by her older brothers and their friends (or mean boys from the Kingsroad). Arya Horseface, Arya Underfoot, Arry (when she is pretending to be a boy), Weasel and my personal favorite, Lumpyhead (or Lumpyface). Arya takes these all in stride. She is a master of different identities throughout the whole book. She is, in realty, a Princess of Winterfell. The youngest daughter of Ned and Catelyn Stark. But she would rather be playing with swords.

Okay, this is the first post where an actor/actress from the show actually HAS a twitter account. Now I can post a link to it like Saucer gets to with her hockey players. The young girl who plays Arya's name is Maisie Williams and her Twitter is a lot of fun. Check it out here: . But be warned, she might make you feel really old. I really like the character of Arya and think Maisie nails it. Sometimes when you read the books, it seems like it would be hard to find a child actor who can portray such a character. But she does it with ease and really brings Arya to life.

Reasons to love Arya: Arya doesn't take any crap. And she is usually right about everything! If only her sister Sansa would see things the way she does. Sansa is only interested in the boring stuff that's expected of noble girls. And boys. Sigh, Sansa only cares about boys and who she is going to marry. Arya thinks all that is stupid and would rather learn how to fight and maybe be a knight someday. Luckily, her father and brothers indulge her a bit. As mentioned in the previous post, Jon gives her Needle the sword (Needle!!) Her dad, Ned, let's her take fencing lessons from a renowned swordsman (Syrio Forel). When things go to hell and Arya has to pretend to be a boy joining the Night's Watch, she really comes into her own and even a little vicious. But she is smart. Look at her scene here with that weirdo Jaqen H'ghar (who has promised her 3 deaths of people she hates).

Ha ha, take that Jaqen!!

Reasons to hate Arya: I love Arya and there is no reason for me to hate her. I kind of wish Arya and Sansa would have been better friends in the earlier books. Although Sansa pretty much sucks at the beginning, her and Arya could have avoided a lot of trouble had they stuck together. But in the end, it's really Sansa who is at fault and I don't blame Arya in the least. Neither even have direwolves anymore thanks to dumbass Sansa. It might also be hard to like Arya if you are any of the following:

Yes, at 9 years old, Arya has a death list. And (spoiler alert) she is on her way to acheiving every last one of them! Because she is a badass. If she doesn't do it herself, she will find help/get trained in order to do it.

High School: Well, Arya would be the younger sister of a very popular and pretty girl. But don't call her Jan Brady! Unlike her sister, she could care less about her dating life. She would totally be one of those girls who want to join the football team. Some of the guys would make fun of her and call her a boy. But she would have the last laugh by beating their asses. Many a male ego would be ruined in that high school by Arya Stark! Let's see, she would have some friends but if they ditched her, she wouldn't really care. Arya is a loner at heart. Hmm I am trying to think of a modern day equivalent of her mighty sword, Needle? A mighty IPad? No, that doesn't work. Okay, I will just make her have a sword anyway. I take it all back. Arya would totally be a Ren Fair dork who carries around a sword. She would walk around looking like this.

Hopefully, her death list would only mean deleting people from her Facebook account. Viva La Arya!



  1. Deleting people on Facebook is pretty much the equivalent of killing them nowadays. Bravo!

  2. I bet Arya has her Facebook friends' list memorized and knows EXACTLY who and when someone deletes her.