Wednesday, February 19, 2014

It's Been Awhile!

After a hiatus, I decided to post again! Mainly because I wanted everyone to know about a new book series I am reading that I love. It is called The Expanse series by James S.A. Corey (who are actually two guys) and the first book is called Leviathan Wakes. They sometimes collaborate with George RR Martin which is why I decided to check this series out. I haven't been this excited about a series in awhile. After ASOIAF, really wanted to find another fantasy series to love and got lots of recommendations. But I just couldn't find one that I could get into. I tried REALLY hard with Name of the Wind. Trust me! But I seriously hated the main character. I will say it was well written though. And the story was exciting. I may revisit it later, but I doubt it. That Kvothe guy irritated me so much! He was so full of himself and was perfect at everything. I like characters to have flaws.

Anyways, back to The Expanse! Yes! Check it out. It is a science fiction series which I usually do not like as much as fantasy. They always get too technical for me. But something about this one just grabbed me and I am in love. I plan on reading all of them. I believe there are currently 3 out right now and there are plans for more. It takes place in the future when most of the solar system has been colonized. Which has led me to googling a bunch on whether this might be possible someday! I have always loved reading about our solar system. Space is just crazy and I just can't wrap my little mind around it! The characters are cool and I like them. Mars is bad (I think) and a war is going to begin. I wish I could read it all day. I am still a slow reader, but that's ok. I'm not slow as much as I don't make time to read. I need to find a better time than right before bed. I always end up being too tired and fall asleep!

Let's see what else is new with Beddee. I got a Nintendo 3DS for Christmas and love it so much. This is another reason I haven't been reading as much as I'd like. I went a little crazy and got every game I wanted immediately. They are all fun, but I know I am neglectful of certain games. Like Luigi's Mansion. It's super fun, but I couldn't capture one particular ghost so I gave up! My favorite games are Zelda, Pokemon Y and all the Mario's. But my very favorite is Donkey Kong Country Returns! I am seriously addicted. I love that guy! I am almost done with it, but have gone back to try and collect all the KONG letters so I can unlock an extra level.

Another thing is that I am planning on running in the Bolder Boulder on Memorial Day! It's a 10K race and I am super excited. I hope I can do it (yes I can!) I have ran a 5K before so I just basically need to double that. I've already started training. I actually hate running, but have always wanted to run a half marathon. I think this will be a good start to reach that goal. And just maybe I will start to like it more!

Well, that is it for now. I will probably update this more but am not holding myself to it. I talked to Saucer and we were thinking about doing movie reviews. We both see so many movies! And Game of Thrones' new season is starting soon!!!!! I am so excited.


Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Sorry About The Entire Month of February

Hello everybody! I guess I have some explaining to do..I know I haven't been blogging lately. I took a little break from writing, but now I am ready to get back! I started crocheting and have been obsessed with making scarves for just about everyone I know. I am pretty proud because I taught myself by watching various YouTube instructional videos. And Crocheting For Dummies. I freaking love the Dummies books! They have gotten me out of many a jam..quite literally when I visited London. And I was able to find Platform 9 3/4 with it's assistance.

Next Stop: To Hogwarts!

Anyways, I do apologize to anyone who was missing me (if you exist, please comment). I decided I need to start blogging again since you know what is starting at the end of the month. This is, of course, Game Of Thrones Season Three! Wooooooo! I am getting so excited. They are showing the trailers and promo pictures and it just looks fantastic.

Wooooooooo Again!!

The trailer looks great, of course. I especially like the appearance of the BEAR!!!! And the dragons. And Tyrion. And Jon Snow/Ygritte. Ok I love everyone! Except Joffrey (okay, even Joffrey)!

I am still slowly bumbling my way through A Dance With Dragons. I really need to keep up with my reading more. But I have been so preoccupied with various activities. I usually read before bed, but lately I have been getting up at the butt crack of dawn to work out. So I get super tired and fall asleep mid-page. I feel bad for falling asleep while poor Theon is continuously abused by that freak Ramsay Bolton! After learning Theon's fate, I have fully forgiven him for the whole Bran/Rickon/Winterfell fiasco. It's not like the Stark boys are really dead. And you know Winterfell is going to rise from the ashes eventually. So let Theon be great!!

I am also excited for the upcoming movie, Oz The Great And Powerful. The original Wizard Of Oz was my very favorite when I was little. So this movie totally touches my heart. It looks super cool and I can't wait to see which witch is the green witch. I actually have a bet going on this (the price of movie admission).

Totally Mila Kunis

Well that is all for now. I will be writing more in the weeks ahead and then I plan to do individual episode reviews once our beloved GOT begins! I am happy to be back!


Sunday, January 13, 2013

Golden Globes Tonight!

As you all should know by now, Beddee is a HUGE movie/TV buff so it makes the Golden Globes super exciting! I am especially looking forward to it because it's going to be hosted by these two hot ladies!

Love Love Love Them!

So I am making some vegan gumbo (it's delicious, really) and preparing to watch the first major awards show of the season. And, since I have seen most of the movies..I am going to give my opinion on who will/should/absolutely NOT win. But I have to first express my disappointed that Game of Thrones wasn't nominated for anything and either was The Hobbit. If Beddee was in charge, these two films would lead all nominations. I just wish that fantasy was more respected by the powers that be. But that's something us fantasy fans have long dealt with so whatever. We know it's the best in our hearts! That being said, there were a lot of really good movies this year, so here are my picks!

  • Argo
    Django Unchained
    Life of Pi
    Zero Dark Thirty
  • I have seen all these movie except for Zero Dark Thirty. It just now came to my town, so I will probably see it this week. I hear it's excellent, but I don't think it's really a "Beddee" type movie. So I am not picking it. Honestly, all these movies were excellent. I would be happy with any of them winning. However, I have a sinking feeling that Lincoln will sweep the award. Which is fine, it really was good. But sweeps are soooo boring! Beddee's pick would be Life of Pi!

I just can't help it, I love this movie and the book too. It just is such a wonderful story and the movie was beautifully made. I don't think it has a chance against Lincoln or Argo though.


The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel
Les Misérables
Moonrise Kingdom
Salmon Fishing in the Yemen
Silver Linings Playbook

This is a toughie. I haven't seen The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel or Salmon Fishing in the Yemen. But I don't think either will win so I will just go by the other three. Les Mis I say absolutely NOT! LOL but I might be biased. I don't think I like musicals. They are just silly to me and I get sick of the singing really quick. I went to this movie and thought I might die by the time they got to the revolution. But I know others like musicals (Saucer included) so I won't talk too much smack! It's totally between Moonrise Kingdom and Silver Lining Playbook. I am going to pick the latter. It was so sweet and funny and it made me go from hating Bradley Cooper to loving him. I think it will win too.


Hotel Transylvania
Rise of the Guardians
Wreck-It Ralph

I have seen all of these except for Rise of the Guardians, but I am going with Wreck-It Ralph. It was so cool! But I loved every single one of the movies listed.


Okay, this is totally taking longer than I thought so that's all I am going to do! Ha ha. But, I am thinking of live tweeting the show! So, if you don't already (ha ha), follow me on Twitter!

One more thing. I have to give a shout out to my pick for Best Comedy TV and Best Actor. Episodes on Showtime! Beddee has not mentioned this before, but she has a famous relative! My cousin, Kathleen Rose Perkins, plays Carol on Episodes and is in a lot of other shows and movies as well. It's so much fun seeing her on my screen! She is awesome in real life too and I just love her. Anyway, Episodes is actually a hilarious show even if my cousin wasn't on it. I am hoping that it wins all the awards possible. Matt LeBlanc (the star) won before so there is a good chance! Please keep your fingers crossed for her.

That's her on the left in the black dress!!

I am boycotting the Best TV Drama category all together because they totally shut my Game of Thrones down. I am sure boring ass Homeland will win everything (Note: I have never seen Homeland so my opinion might be biased)! So that's it folks. Happy viewing!!


Sunday, January 6, 2013

Happy New Year!

Yes, I know I am a bit late to wish everyone a happy new year. But I just haven't been ready for a blog post yet. I am still decompressing from the holidays and am finally getting back into a normal routine. Would you believe that Beddee hasn't worked a full "real" week since probably the beginning of December? And I had two glorious 4-day weekends in a row. Ugh, next week is going to be rough!Luckily, I have an ecstatic Saucer to help me through with our daily "business" emails!

So Beddee had a wonderful New Year's Eve day! My boyfriend and I went to Denver and visited the art museum, the nature and science museum AND the zoo (which was way awesome in winter)! We then ate a delicious Indian dinner and then drove home and stayed in for the evening. Beddee may have had some wine. I have a new favorite brand. Mainly based on the cute name and labels!

Le Dog, it's VERY sophisticated

But back to the art museum..they currently have (soon to be over) a beautiful Van Gogh exhibit. We have been meaning to get down there for months, but between weather, being sick etc. It just didn't happen. Now I am not the biggest art aficionado in the world, but I do love looking. I am not claiming to know a lot (I don't) and I am definitely NOT an artist. But this exhibit really spoke to me and I just can't stop thinking about it! The exhibit left me with many unanswered questions, so I am now reading this ridiculously good autobiography.

Not my usual type of book, but I love it

So yes, Beddee is into an artist phase! I know I am a bit late to the party, but why can't I stop looking at this picture??

Bedroom in Arles

The other museum had a really cool Pompeii exhibit that made me afraid of Yellowstone blowing up! LOL no, it really was fascinating to look at. This museum is right next to the Denver Zoo. We have a membership and can get in for free so we just took a walk through despite the fact it was 20 degrees outside! I am totally a cold weather person though. I would much prefer that than melting in the sun. There were actually more animals out than I thought too. And some I have never seen! Like arctic foxes and polar bears. And these crazy giant rats that were a lot cuter than they sound!

Well, enough about NYE, I just wanted to shed some light into my sudden interest in art and Van Gogh. Don't worry, I am still a Game of Thrones freak and have been being teased by HBO with all sorts of cool promos. 3.30.13 cannot come soon enough!

If Season 3 is anything like A Sword of Storms, it is totally going to be the best season yet. I wonder if they will do the Red Wedding in this one? I hope so..or do I?? I will be sobbing for weeks!

I have also started watching Once Upon A Time and it's actually really good! I am looking forward to it tonight. Along with The Biggest Loser!

So that is my quick update for today. I am on a new health food kick that requires me to go to the grocery store far more often than I am used to!


Wednesday, December 26, 2012

A Post Holiday Update (Movie Reviews Included)

Well Christmas is over and I am sort of relieved! Christmas sucks when you are broke, but that's a post for another day. It also doesn't fit in with the theme of this blog! But I am ready to put away the poinsettas and lights and get back to normal. I even went for a run tonight because I have been eating like a damn hobbit lately! But I hope everyone's Christmas was fun. Mine was even with the lack of funds. It's great having a young nephew and niece to watch open presents. Plus I think I talked my nephew into reading The Hobbit! Yay! I think he will like it. It was a white Christmas here in the Rocky Mountain region. I ran into some icy weather driving home on I-25 on Christmas Eve. It was awful! But I channeled the Dwarves, Bilbo and Gandalf on my own "unexpected journey"! I got us all home nice and safe and for that I am grateful! I am on a sort-of vacation too. I had four days off but I am back at work for three days. Then I get another four days off because I took off for NYE! Woo hoo!

I did go to the movies AGAIN over the holiday weekend. I saw This Is 40 and Django Unchained. Both were good movies that ran on a tad too long. LOL this coming from the girl who could watch all three LOTR along with The Hobbit and be perfectly fine! This Is 40 was really funny, but I cannot STAND that Leslie Mann lady. I know she is married to Judd Apatow and all, but ugh. I just find her totally annoying! But Paul Rudd has my heart so it was all worth it.

Saucer would also be interested in knowing that some of her beloved Flyers have a cameo in the movie. Of course, they are flirting with Leslie Mann and Megan Fox. But it was still a fun little scene!
I saw Django Unchained  on Christmas Day. Yes, a Tarantino movie on Christmas! But at least I didn't bring a small child with me. Unlike a certain couple who was there. Seriously! Who brings a damn baby to a Quentin Tarantino movie. On Christmas no less! It was annoying, but at least the kid didn't scream and cry or anything. Just crawled around on the dirty ass movie theater floor. Oh and also, some random dude came and sat directly next to my boyfriend like 20 minutes into the movie when there were other seats available! And then he started texting! I couldn't believe my eyes. This is why I normally go to movies at night. I am all about the late showing even if I am a bit tired the next day. Not as many rude idiots are there. So some of my attention was diverted, but the movie was awesome. Though very violent. I LOVE Quentin T. movies, I really do. This one probably isn't one of my favorites, but I would totally recommend it. Some of it was just too much for me. But there was one scene with Jonah Hill that was one of the most hilarious things I have seen in a long time. I will leave it at that! Oh and with a picture of the ultra talented Leo D and Jaime F.
Hell Yeah!
I also rented a couple of Redbox movies. I am really liking Redbox again. For awhile, they pissed me off, but now they have some cool choices. I live in a small town, so a lot of the independent movies I want to see never come to the theaters here. We either have to drive at least an hour to see them or wait until they are On Demand which is a super rip-off. But Redbox has been getting more of them so it's way cool. We got three movies and I will briefly review them.
Butter: I honestly liked this one even though my Entertainment Weekly called it one of the worst of the year. I have personally seen WAY worse with my own two eyes. But whatever. I was entertained the whole time. It was about a butter carving contest in a small town. It had a cool cast and I enjoyed it.

The Amazing Spiderman: Yes, this is NOT an independent movie and I already saw it this summer. But we wanted to see it again so we Redboxed it. Aww, I love this Spiderman!
Beddee Likes Spidee!
Liberal Arts: This was my least favorite movie that I watched even though it wasn't terrible. It was just pretentious and I hate that. It had Elizabeth Olsen in it and I am really liking her as an actress. She plays a college aged girl who falls for a 35 year old dude. The dude is super annoying. She is as well, but at least she can blame it on being 19. He cannot do this and is just really lame. But I think he is supposed to be? I don't know, sometimes these independent films confuse me.
So that's it! Beddee watches a lot of movies huh? I am still reading World War Z and have almost finished it. I am so slow, but I get so distracted when I read! I will review it when I am done. And then I am probably going back to epic fantasy. Until then!


Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Far Over the Misty Mountains Cold

To dungeons deep and caverns old! Yes! This is the song I have been singing in my head since last Thursday night at midnight! Beddee is completely immersed in Hobbit fever so you must forgive her. It's a little ridiculous. I even saw it again last night and wouldn't hesitate to see it a third time. It is my favorite movie of the year, hands down. I saw it in 2D and 3D and I would recommend the 2D. I don't know, 3D didn't add much but a couple bucks and I always get a headache. I don't think the theater I was in had the special 48 frames per second though. Anyway, if you haven't seen it yet, go as soon as you possibly can. It is long, yes, but I loved every single minute of it!

Gandalf and Bilbo!
So I thought Bilbo Baggins was absolutely terrific. I admit Old Bilbo was not among my favorites in the LOTR films. I felt he kind of effed over poor Frodo, but I guess it wasn't really his fault. Bilbo definitely has his faults, but I really enjoyed the Bilbo in this movie. And Gandalf has always been one of my faves. Just look at that kindly old wizard!
So as I have mentioned before, I have not read any of these books. I straight up admit that I have only seen the movies. This is rare for me (I love reading more than anything), but I had a really hard time with The Fellowship of the Ring. It was like reading the Bible, but with hobbit names! I heard it gets better, but I just rewatched the movie instead. Oh well, it is my shame and I bear it well. So I vaguely know the story of The Hobbit, but have never read it. I knew that dwarves were going to be involved. With the LOTR trilogy, my only experience with dwarves is Gimli, seen here.
I love Gimli, don't get me wrong. He is brave, funny and a powerful warrior. But let's face it, he doesn't really do much for the ladies. He is no elf (Legolas). Or man (Aragorn). Or even a hobbit (Frodo). He is just an funny little dwarf. So I pretty much imagined that all dwarves look like Gimli. There is a group of 13 dwarves in this movie, pictured here.

Lucky 13
So a lot of the dwarves DO look like Gimli. In fact, I learned on Wikipedia (shut up!) that one of these dwarves is Gimli's dad! But the head dwarf prince, Thorin Oakenshield is fierce!

And let's face it, Kili isn't so bad either.

Where's your bulbous nose and bushy beard?

So The Hobbit has made me rethink my dwarf stereotypes and they are now one of my favorite Middle Earth beings. But Thorin really needs to lighten up. I know he has to kill dragons and orcs and stuff, but seriously. He is really mean to Bilbo sometimes. It's not like Bilbo is trained for this or anything. Plus dwarves seem pretty immune to death. Like that falling rock scene? As if ANY of the dwarves would have really survived that! Let alone all 13. I know, it's a movie!!
But my favorite part of The Hobbit is by far the part with GOLLUM!! Yes! I knew he was back, but it was great to see him again. And to find out the history of how Bilbo got the One Ring in the first place.
Gollum Rules, That is All!
Bilbo and Gollum's game of riddles was the best part of the movie. Even though "what have I got in my pocket?" isn't really a riddle. Poor Gollum, I sort of feel bad for him. Bilbo actually DID steal his ring. But he is crazy so oh well! Maybe the ring was better off with Gollum? We will never know!
So that is my review of The Hobbit. My only complaint was the lack of female characters. Seriously, Galadriel was the only one. If you haven't seen it, go ASAP! I can't wait until they fight Smaug the dragon in the following movies!! Oh, and I am finally going to suck it up and read a J.R.R. Tolkien book. My next book is The Silmarillion. My Middle Earth history is pathetic and I need questions answered!


Wednesday, December 12, 2012

December is a Crazy Month

Why hello there everyone! I have been crazy busy lately and just haven't found time to write a blog. So this is a quick update. I am home sick today. : ( I probably should take it easy more often than I do. I just am always feeling so restless! But I went to the doctor and found out I have a sinus infection and I got medicine. I was planning to write a longer blog earlier, but ended up sleeping a good part of the day. I didn't even read about any zombies or Westeros! I will probably do that later. I am just hoping the antibiotics I took will make me well by Thursday at midnight in time for THE HOBBIT!!!! If only I lived in Hobbiton..

I will travel here one day (I hope)!
I will post a full review this weekend after I see this movie. A lot of my favorite shows have been wrapping up for the season too. This weekend marks the end of Dexter until the final season next year. OMG what is going to happen?! I think it's inevitable that someone is going to die. Everyone is hoping for La Guerta, but I think she is too obvious. I sort of give her kudos for FINALLY catching on. Maybe she isn't so sucky of a detective after all. I just hope nothing happens to my dear Masuka..he is so funny and I just love him. He has the best one-liners! Like that one about how his parents still thought he was retarded when he was sixteen..hilarious! But I really think the writers are trying to make us not like Dexter as much anymore. I am okay with that. It will make it easier for when he goes to prison with the death penalty for being, you know, a serial killer! That whole relationship with Hannah McKay was ridiculous and now she knows everything! I wonder how she is going to handle prison without an endless supply of sheer white tank tops and black bras?
Dexter what are you thinking?!
Although I am not a huge Hannah fan, I still don't think she poisoned Deb. Deb did that that shit herself! I think she put her anxiety medicine in her water bottle to make it look like Hannah did it. And Dexter fell for it. Deb has Lannister-like feeling for her brother. Even though they aren't REALLY brother and sister.
 These two

Are like these two? Maybe if Deb has her way!
Needless to say, I can't wait until Sunday! Or Thursday..I am planning on a Hobbit and Dexter filled weekend! Just not together. Dexter better keep his plastic wrap away from Hobbiton!