Monday, August 20, 2012

Cersei Lannister - The Evil Queen

Finally a post about a character who is really hard to like! I call her Cersei Lannister even though her last name should really be Baratheon. But everyone calls her Lannister . But she hates her husband (a fact she barely conceals) so it doesn't really matter. She doesn't mind being the Queen though. And she does quite a lovely job. Here is a picture of her and King Robert acting all royal. That adorable little boy next to them is the better of the two sons, Tommen. Joffrey is a little asshole with no redeeming qualities. But I will go into that later. Too bad Joffrey is next in line for the throne.

Yeah yeah, Cersei is sooooo pretty and regal looking. Ugh, she is probably plotting evil schemes in that very picture. Probably thinking evil thoughts about our beloved Starks. Cersei loves power and would do anything to have it for herself or for her children. She is of the noble family, Lannister, and is sister to Tyrion and twin sister to Jaime, the greatest knight in the realm. She doesn't really have any nicknames besides Queen, Queen Regent and Lady of Casterly Rock. But she doesn't need any. She is considered to be the most beautiful woman in the realm and she is the Queen, duh! Oh, and that twin brother I mentioned earlier. Cersei is totally doing him. Ewwww! Here is a picture of those two sickos.

Oh who am I kidding, if they weren't related they might be kind of a cute couple. I really enjoy Lena Heady, who plays Cersei. It was probably hard to find an actress who lives up to the beauty described in the books. But she totally works it. I think she really hits her stride in Season 2 and I absolutely think she deserved an Emmy nomination for her work.

Reasons to love Cersei: Well I guess if you are really superficial and going by looks alone, Cersei would definitely win Westeros's Next Top Model. But she would probably "take care of" any prettier contestants so who knows. Hmm, well Cersei is a good mom to her little monster, Joffrey and her other kids. Here is a clip of Tyrion describing her better qualities at around 2:20.

I guess you can admire Cersei for being sexually adventurous. Men, women, kings, knights, fools, cousins, brothers..the list goes on! Cersei gets around and gets away with it. And I think her love for Jaime is genuine, however twisted that may be.

Reasons to hate Cersei: Late, I will go into Cersei vs. Ned Stark, Sansa Stark and basically everybody who has the last name Stark. They are the story's heroes, more or less, and Cersei is a direct antagonist. But I honestly didn't really hate Cersei until "A Feast for Crows" where we were treated to an inside look at her craziness via her point-of-view chapters. Although Tyrion hinted at it, I didn't realize just how cruel and ruthless our queen really was. Some of the things she does are unspeakable and her alliance with the torturer, Qyburn is something out of a horror movie. Plus, she really is horrible to her little brother Tyrion (who I love). She blames him for their mother dying and does anything to make his life hell. She apparently never showed Tyrion any kindness in her life. Though I don't want to spoil anything, even Jaime is not off limits for her cruelty. Screw you, Cersei! I am glad you are on Arya's death list. Let's see how that turns out for you.

High School: Ha ha, I feel kind of bad for any male/female twins out there who have Game of Thrones fans for friends. They probably have to suffer side eyes and people wondering if they do it Lannister style! I seriously doubt I had any twincestual twins in my high school, so I will skip that. Cersei would be the head cheerleader, queen bee, total bitch-slut of any high school. But everyone would want to win her approval anyway. She would be dating the most popular guy in high school (prom king, perhaps?) and would be cheating on him. Probably not with her brother, but who knows! There's not much else to say about her high school alter ego. It's probably the most obvious one!

With that I will leave you with this beautiful and sinister picture of Queen Cersei on the Iron Throne.


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  1. In the hockey/GOT crossover in my head she totally hooks up with Tyler Seguin...dirty cougar style.