Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Tyrion Lannister, Former Hand of the King

Tyrion is my second character profile and I feel he is one of the all time best. Like Dany before him, he is called a lot of other names throughout the book. Unfortunately for him, they are not all positive! As a dwarf in this particular time period, poor Tyrion has had to endure many hardships. He is lucky he is of a noble, rich family or else he most likely would not have seen adulthood.

So here are some of his nicknames: Tyrion Lannister, Lord of Casterly Rock (um, sort of, if his dad didn't hate him), Master of Coin, Hand of the King. These are the good ones. He is also called The Imp, The Halfman, "Giant" of Lannister and pretty much any other derogatory name you could call a short man, let alone a dwarf! I, personally, find him quite handsome.

It is pretty much a given that Peter Dinklage is superb in his role (see his Emmy and Golden Globe). I honestly cannot see anyone else playing Tyrion, it is like the role was written for him. The only complaint some may have is that Mr. Dinklage is too good-looking. Tyrion is described as much uglier (almost monstrous) in the books.

Reasons to love Tyrion: He is basically the only lovable Lannister (well, more on that in another post)! You wish there was a way to root for him without rooting for his stupid sister and nephew. Like in the Battle of Blackwater. Tyrion fought and showed his true bravery and skills. Not like anyone would recognize it. Tyrion is super sweet to whores too. He has such a soft spot for them and you can tell he likes their personalities in addition to their "skills". Though he is not always the smartest when it comes to these women, Tyrion is one of the most clever characters in all the books. He gets himself out of all kinds of tricky situations. Look at how he avoids getting thrown out of a castle and into thin air:

Yay for Tyrion!! Oh yes, how could I forget..he also slaps Joffrey around!! This reason alone should make him everyone's favorite character for life.

Reasons to hate Tyrion: Okay, I love Tyrion and all but I must say he IS a bit on the ruthless side when it comes to his family pissing him off. I don't want to give anything away, but damn dude! (See the end of "A Storm of Swords").

There is actually nothing I overly dislike about Tyrion. His POV chapters are always entertaining and his story is one of my favorites. I really missed him in the fourth book and am happy to see him back in the fifth. I just feel so bad for him sometimes! It sucks that his sister is such a bitch to him and that she is also the Queen. She is able to make life hell for the poor guy. No wonder he drink so much mead and wine! That Tyrion can guzzle it down!

Bronn and Varys: I love Tyrion's interaction with both of these men! Even though you can't really trust either of them, it's nice to see that some people recognize that Tyrion is pretty damn cool.

High School: Well, Tyrion would totally be the son of a rich family and his siblings would be the most popular kids in school. He would be a bit of a class clown, but all of his teachers wouldn't be able to deny his cleverness. He would have crushes on all the trashy sluts and they would probably date him just because they would want to get close to his family (mostly his brother). He would be a loner and only have a couple of close friends who he drinks with. They probably have their own chess club and drink heavily as they try to outwit each other.

Three cheers for Tyrion Lannister! Sometimes great things come in small packages indeed.


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  1. Tyrion and his whores. He had to learn the lesson "You can't make a ho a housewife the hardway." He is my favorite character in this series, hands down. I totally agree, Peter Dinklage is way too attractive to play him. haha