Thursday, August 30, 2012

Viserys Targaryen - The Blood of the Dragon

Oh Viserys. His time in the ASOIAF universe is short lived, but memorable. He is the brother of Dany and looks a bit like a nerdy Legolas. This is the first character with an actual death scene for the Swords page! Yay?

So like his sister, Viserys also has a long "official" name (well, more like what he thinks he should be called). Viserys Targaryen, the Third of His Name, King of the Andals, the Rhoynar and the First Men, Lord of the Seven Kingdoms and Protector of the Realm. Actually most people in the realm just call him "The Beggar King" because he has to sell a lot of his prized possessions to make ends meet for himself and his little sister. Actually, I don't think Viserys starts out that bad and you have to feel sorry for him. His family ruled Westeros for a hell of a long time and he should have been living a life similar to Prince Harry (naked pictures and cocaine, anyone)? Instead, everyone in his family was killed except for him and Dany. They have to live in exile while some other dude is king. Viserys feels pretty cheated and you can't really blame him for that. He wants the crown back and feels it is rightfully is. And he may have been right, but he was so impatient about it and that was his downfall.

Reasons to hate Viserys: I am going to do something a little differently and do my hate section first. Mainly because there really is more to hate than to love about this guy. Let's start out with how he sells his baby sister (who is like 15 years old) to a vicious barbarian Dothraki warlord in exchange for an army to get his crown back. Yes, Dany grows to love Drogo, but it's still an asshole move. Although this isn't covered on the show, he totally wants to take her virginity for himself before her actual wedding. Luckily, this did not happen (ugh just what we need, more incest in this story)! And then, when Dany actually ends up relatively happy with her Dothraki life, he gets all jealous and yells at her all the time. He always is saying "you don't want to wake the dragon" and scaring the girl until she gains her own confidence.

What a creepoid! He also tries to sell Dany's dragon eggs and keeps annoying the Dothraki. He acts as though he has some sort of power over them and they just think he is a big loser. They love Dany, their Khaleesi, though and this just pisses him off to no end. The final straw comes when he gets wasted and threatens Dany, Drogo and their unborn baby. He demands that Drogo "pay" for his sister and give him his golden crown. This is the response he gets from Drogo (warning, this is NOT for the faint of heart)!

Ahhhh, now Dany is the only heir to the Targaryen dynasty, thank you Viserys! I hope that crown feels good on your melted head.

Reasons to love Viserys: Well, Viserys is kind of fun to hate because he is so ridiculous. The way he acts is hilarious sometimes. He is like an uncool, delicate wisp of a guy in the midst of all those hardcore Dothraki. And he actually tries to boss them around! And like I said before, I think he starts out as an all right guy and just wants back what should be his (in his opinion). He was nice to Dany in their younger years before he grew resentful and mean. Plus, he could have gained the crazy genes from his old dad Aerys (aka the Mad King). Even after his death, Dany decides to remember the good things about him and feels like he was a good person underneath his cruelty. She honors him by naming one of her baby dragons Viserion in his memory. Check out the cutie on the right, the cream colored one! R.I.P. Viserys, may his dragon do what he could not!

High School: For some reason I imagine Viserys as a band geek and I cant really explain why that is. I bet he would play a (golden) saxophone and would think he was better at it than he was. He would be an entitled rich kid with lots of allergies. He would totally show up uninvited to parties of the popular kids and make a drunken fool out of himself. Viserys would feel that he was popular enough to run for class president and campaign hard for it. Kind of like Reese Witherspoon in that one "Election" movie. Imagine his horror on election day when his adorable little sister wins with a bunch of write-in votes!

Let's Mix In Some Sticks: So there is no way Viserys could even pretend he was a hockey player. He is way to much of a wuss. He would definitely be involved in the Detroit Red Wings due to their dragon-esqe name. Actually, he would totally be the son of the owner of the team and would give out unsolicited advice. Those Red Wings better not wake the dragon (Oh whatever, Viserys)!

The Targaryen Red Wings



  1. A nerdy Legolas! It's so true! hahaha I was so shocked when they killed him off. But I loved that Dany finally came into her own and stood up to him. I never thought about the madness of Aerys being hereditary. Makes that character so much more complex.

  2. I was reading somewhere that they might bring the actor playing Viserys back to play Rhaegar (in flashbacks, of course). That would maybe work, I liked him! Although it's really hard to Keep Up With The Targaryens as is..