Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Jaime Lannister - The Kingslayer

Ahhh, Jaime!! Before I begin I would like to explain myself. Yes, Jaime is one of my ASOIAF crushes. Yes, I know he is pretty much a douche and he pushes children out windows and has sexy times with his sister. I feel kind of lame because as soon as I told Saucer about my crush, she was watching that one episode where he is beating the shit out of poor Ned and his entourage. I am fully aware of all of Jaime's flaws and I was not a big fan at first. But unlike Cersei, his point of view chapters really warmed me up to him. And his strange alliance with Brienne of Tarth really touched my heart. Plus, he totally looks like Sawyer from Lost. Look at this!

So Jaime has only one nickname that really counts and that is The Kingslayer. He is known as this based on his actions during "Robert's Rebellion" (when are we going to get a prequel detailing this whole story?!) Long story short, Jaime was part of the Kingsguard sworn to protect King Aerys II aka The Mad King aka Dany's daddy. The king had a terrible plan that would kill everyone in Kings Landing by fire. Jaime slew the king before this could happen, Robert Baratheon took the throne and everyone was saved. Honestly, Jaime did real good here saving the city and all. But no one really knows why he did what he did and he is given a lot of crap for his betrayal (I'm looking at you, Brienne). So Jaime is called The Kingslayer by all the realm.

Reasons to love Jaime: Jaime is very handsome and looks like a male Cersei. He is considered to be the best knight ever and wins tons of tournaments with that sword of his. If you aren't into sports, Jaime is quite humorous. I like his chapters because a lot of humor comes through, even in the darkest of times. He can come across as arrogant but he does it in a funny way. Also, he is way nicer to Tyrion than Cersei is and genuinely is fond of him. Anyone who has Tyrion's back is okay with me!

Reasons to hate Jaime: See my intro. Jaime is kind of crazy..about Cersei. If it wasn't for Cersei, Jaime would be a lot more reasonable. To be fair, he truly seems to love her and is completely faithful to her. But it's his freaking SISTER and it's not cool to do the things he does. Even if they are "the things he does for love."

Brienne, the Maid of Tarth: Okay if I were to ship anyone in these books, I would totally ship Jaime and Brienne! Yes they meet under some strange circumstances and they hate each other for a lot of it. And don't forget he is her prisoner! But I think Brienne makes him human again. She is like the anti-Cersei. She is ugly, mannish and has a heart of gold. I love them together! Their scenes are some of my favorites in the books and I can't wait until they get to them in the show. Here is an early picture of their growing friendship (or whatever you want to call it).

High School: I was totally ready to have Jaime be the high school male version of Cersei but then I got to thinking. I actually don't think he would be like that at all. He would definitely be a jock, but also kind of a loner. He wouldn't have that many male friends and would be aloof to all the girls who would be super fans. As with Cersei before him, I don't think his incest would translate into today's high school arena. He would be dating a really popular, pretty and shallow girl and having lots of hot sex with her. He would convince himself that he was in love with her. But there would be nerdy and ugly girl in one of his classes he wouldn't be able to get out of his mind no matter how hard he tried.

Let's Mix in Some Sticks: Like Saucer in her most recent post, we are going to start connecting the world of hockey with the world of Game of Thrones. Since I am so new to hockey, I consulted Saucer about Jaime. She said that he would definitely be a player name Tyler Seguin. According to her, he is a "sexy, hot mess". Sounds a lot like our Jaime! According to his Wikipedia page, he is quite the hockey player. He is to hockey what Jaime is to jousting. And I agree with Saucer regarding his looks. Look at this guy!

I chose this particular picture rather than one of the many "shirtless" ones that showcase his "assets" better. This picture reminds me of Jaime. Substitute that stick for a sword, throw some knight-wear on him and send him to the realm!! Wait, Tyler doesn't have a twin sister, does he?



  1. Remember how much we HATED him at the beginning of the books? Now I love him. You don't always agree with what he does, but you totally understand why he does it.

  2. I think it shows just how great of a write George RR is. His characters have so many dimensions! It's like one minute you hate Jaime, the next you love him. Same goes for Sansa (but I will get to her later).