Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Sandor Clegane - The Hound

The Hound is seriously one character I feel completely conflicted about. I think we are being set up to hate the guy. Maybe I just try to see the good in people (except Joffrey, The Mountain and Qyburn), but I don't think Sandor is heartless. Maybe just misunderstood? He is such an enigma! Is he bad? Is he good? Is he a pervy chimo? Is he not a pervy chimo? Is he dead? Is he alive? I could go on and on! But the thing is..I don't know the answer to any of these questions! One thing we can all agree on. The Hound is one ugly dude. (No offense to his portrayer, Rory McCann, who is quite lovely in real life).

To be fair, Sandor probably wouldn't be so ugly if half his face wasn't burnt off. He is quite sensitive about this. It was burnt by his brother (the truly evil Gregor aka The Mountain) when he was a child. His dad covered up this fact by saying that Sandor was burnt by his bedding when it caught on fire. This makes Sandor hate his brother, fire and even knighthood. One could say he has a big old chip on his shoulder. People call him The Hound for a variety of reasons. One is only because his family's crest is 3 dogs. Oh and his helmet looks like this.

The Hound is considered a great fighter, but refuses to be a knight because he thinks it's lame or something. He instead joins House Lannister where Joffrey just loves him. He is also called The Hound because of his obedience to his masters. Ugh, obedient to Joffrey..I can't even think about it!

Reasons to hate Sandor: I am going to do the hate section first again because I believe we are supposed to hate The Hound. Although not as bad as his brother, he is pretty brutal and murders without having a major problem with it. He earns a place on Arya's death list when he kills her friend Mycah, the butcher's boy. He does this for Joffrey's benefit and it's really mean. He also helps kill Ned Stark's entourage and doesn't seem to feel bad about any of his murders. It's just something he does. He later kidnaps Arya and they have quite an adventure. He is also a huge drunk and gets really sloppy a lot of the time.

Sansa Stark: I am putting the Sansa situation in the middle of my love and hate section because I really don't know what to think about it. The Hound takes a liking to Sansa (who is 13), but it's really not clear why. We only get Sansa's point of view and she doesn't have the best memory or sense. He calls her "little bird" and protects her from Joffrey's wrath whenever possible. He also saves her from being raped from an angry mob. After the Battle of Blackwater, there is a bit of an incident with the two of them when Sandor is planning to escape. Sansa seems to think they kiss but I don't think they actually do. Fans call this the UnKiss. Me, I honestly don't think Sandor is a pervert. I think he likes Sansa because she is beautiful and delicate and he wants to protect her. He is a little crazy and probably scares her, but I really don't think he wants to do her any harm. It's so weird because they are HUGE in the fanfiction community! I suppose he is better than Joffrey!

And the FF community goes wild!

Reasons to love the Hound: This one is for you Saucer! The Hound totally saves Loras from his terrible brother The Mountain. This alone should make Sandor A-Ok. Loras would most likely be dead if it wasn't for him. Check it out here:

Another great reason to like The Hound is the fact that he ditches Joffrey after the Battle of Blackwater and tells him to fuck off. Ha ha, he has go on the run after that, but it was so worth it! Poor guy was scared of the wildfire and you can't blame him for that.

High School: Can you say emo kid?! Oh Sandor would totally be emo. He wouldn't like the popular kids at all and would be against organized sports. He is not good looking and would have scars all over his face. His brother would be a huge bully and he is embarrassed by him. As for friends, he wouldn't really have any. He might hang out with one asshole brat in one of his classes from time to time, but wouldn't really like him. He would drink heavily by himself during lunch and rarely make it to class. Teachers hate Sandor for getting into a ton of fights and he would always be getting suspended. Sandor is older than the other students due to being held back a lot. He would have a crush on a popular girl who was polite to him a couple times, but he never asks her out. And other girls would never even look twice at him. Aww, Sandor's high school life is totally depressing me! But it's spot on. Hmm, let's make him have something happy in his life. I know! He would volunteer at the animal shelter and taking the dogs for walks. That's all I got!

Let's Mix in Some Sticks: First of all, we will just have to pretend Sandor would actually be on a real hockey team in the first place. Realistically, he would probably just be the best street hockey player in his neighborhood. But since I need to pick out a player he is like, I would probably go with Zdeno Chára of the Boston Bruins. This guy has the brutality and attitude of The Hound. I am going to zero in on the Pacioretty Incident in which Chára injured another hockey player named Max Pacioretty during a game. This poor guy was left with a severe concussion and cracked vertebra thanks to Chára. The police were even investigating it for awhile! But Chára didn't really seem all that put out or sorry about it. He seemed to think that it was just part of the game so whatever. Pacioretty = The Butcher's Boy. Let's put him on Arya's list! But like The Hound, I am sure he isn't all that bad. He is married and has a little daughter. I am sure they soften him up a little bit off the ice.

If only I had photoshop..The Hound's helmet would SO be on Chára's head right now!



  1. My view of The Hound took a total 180 the more books I read, just like Jamie. You feel so bad for him at the end. I don't condone what he does, but I can see why he does some things. And when he freaked out about the wildfire? Broke my heart!
    And if he would just wear his hair in a more emo style, he could totally cover up those scars with some swoopy bangs.

  2. Oh the wildfire really was heart breaking! I also felt bad that everyone thought he was terrorizing Westeros when it was really Rorge and his gang of hooligans(shudder). I kinda hope he comes back as a zombie or something. Sansa and Zombie Hound fanfiction would be AMAZING!!

  3. "The Hound is considered a great fighter, but refuses to be a knight because he thinks it's lame or something. " LOL thank you for that moment :)