Sunday, September 9, 2012

Sansa Stark - Princess of Winterfell

Sansa Stark is a great character with many flaws. But she is also one of my favorites. Maybe it's because I can identify with her even though her actions cause a chain of events that totally ruin everything! I give you the infamous Sansa!

Sansa always looks sad, but for good reason. Her life kind of sucks for the majority of the series. But it's all her own doing so it's hard to feel sorry for her. Except, I still do. I think she gets more than her fair share of karma for her mistakes. And it was all because of a stupid boy! This guy:

Ha ha, this picture rules

I really like the actress who plays Sansa, it would be a tough (though fun) role to play. She is played by Sophie Turner who actually has a twitter account! Follow her here: But be warned that she is 16 and like Maisie Williams before her, she will make you feel old! I read an article that tells how she she adopted the dog that plays her ill-fated direwolf, Lady. This gets her extra bonus points from me..check out this adorable picture of the two of them. Awww!

So Sansa starts out with a pretty sweet life. She is the eldest daughter of Lord Eddard (Ned) and Catelyn Stark and is a lady in every sense of the word. She is quite the opposite of her little sister Arya and only wants to possess all the qualities of a young female of her status. She enjoys singing, dancing, embroidery and all other "womanly" activities. But most of all, Sansa likes BOYS! She loves tales of famous knights and dreams of great romance. She is a lot like Saucer in that she develops a huge crush on Ser Loras Tyrell, the Knight of Flowers.

Swoon!! Sansa = Saucer

But what Sansa wants most is to be married to her betrothed, Prince Joffrey (heir to the Iron Throne). But things go south, Joffrey shows his true colors and she ends up married to!

Reasons to love Sansa: Sansa turns out to be a pretty cool chick and is very smart. Although she ends up as a prisoner, she manages to act the part of a proper lady who is beyond thrilled to marry Joffrey even though he..uh, you know what he does to her daddy Ned. I am not even going to say it!

I must say that Sansa holds up very well considering the circumstances. If it were me, I would have curled up in a little ball and gotten my own head chopped off for trying to kill Joffrey. I just hate that kid! Sansa has to learn how to survive on her own and is plotting her escape throughout the books and is eventually successful. Granted she has to trust that darn Littlefinger, but at least she is better off with him than at King's Landing. Sansa turns the head of many an old dude. We have already discussed her weird relationship with The Hound, but Littlefinger also has a little thing for her. Plus, she is forced to marry Tyrion (more on that in a different post). Luckily, Tyrion is super cool about the whole thing and treats her kindly and she doesn't even have to have sex with him. Thank goodness for his whores! Judging by the end of the fourth book, I am also thinking that Sansa might now be a player (rather than a pawn) in the game of thrones! Go Sansa!

Reasons to hate Sansa: Okay so everything I said in the love section..all of it is Sansa's own stupid fault! She has such a one track mind about marrying Joffrey that she fails to listen to her dad about leaving King's Landing. She is pretty mean to Arya too and is always making fun of her for being a tomboy. Plus, she STILL likes Joffrey even though she sees first hand that he is a big, huge jerk when he has her direwolf killed. But the worst part about Sansa is that she tells freaking Cersei, of all people, of her father's plan to send her and Arya home. This one idiotic move causes a chain of events where all goes to hell and Sansa ends up in her predicament. Way to be a rebel, Sansa, look what you have done!

High School: Oh weren't all us girls just like Sansa in high school? She would be a sweet, pretty girl who would be super interested in boys. Sansa's crushes would range from the popular jocks to the class president. She would put her interest in boys above all else, but would have a close group of girlfriends (also very interested in the opposite sex). Her little sister would be a pest and embarrass her in front of her many crushes. Although she loves her family, Sansa would be a bit of a rebel and stay out too late on her dates. But the worst thing: She would end up dating the cute and horrible son of her dad's boss, tells a secret and get her dad fired!! Oh Sansa..

Let's Mix in Some Sticks: Well obviously Sansa would never EVER play hockey herself. She is far too ladylike for that. She would totally be the head of all trophy wives, Carrie Underwood! Carrie is married to Mike Fisher of the Nashville Predators and is probably the most known hockey wife. Although Sansa is not a huge singing sensation like Carrie, she has been known to charm people with her voice. Carrie and Sansa are both beautiful and smart and have had many suitors. I could totally see Sansa cheering on her hockey husband like Carrie. This is, of course, if her husband is NOTHING like Joffrey (which I am assuming Mike Fisher is not).

Cheering on her hubby!!

Much better than groveling

Hopefully Ms. Sansa Stark will turn out just fine and she can live her dream!!



  1. Poor Sansa. Being pretty back then only brought you lots of pervs. She does everything she is "supposed" to and it brings her nothing but trouble. I love that you see both sides of all these characters and can't totally hate them. Except for Cersei. That bitch cray.

  2. Dude I just realized I have the same birthday as Cersei! Or Lena Headey anyway. I am strangely proud of this fact!