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Petyr Baelish - Littlefinger

Beddee has been slacking on her blog this week. I blame the onslaught of new televison shows (and old favorites) distracting me from precious blogging time. They aren't Game of Thrones, but there are some pretty entertaining shows out there. But..I am back! And I have decided to profile the one Littlefinger. Behold!

Ick, look at that smug face! Now I am not the biggest Littlefinger fan, but I do admit that he makes things interesting. His real name is Petyr (with a y) Baelish but no one seems to call him that. They call him Littlefinger, but I can't really figure out why. Something to do with his family holdings or whatever. One ASOIAF website claims it is because he is short, but that is just stupid..I don't know. I will just go with it! Littlefinger is very smart with money and even becomes Master of Coin for the King at one point. He owns a bunch of brothels, which makes him a whole lot of money. Despite the fact that his family is pretty low on the totem poll, he manages to become the Lord of Harrenhal AND Lord Protector of the Vale. Not bad Littlefinger! He is also hopelessly in love with Catelyn Stark, almost to an obsessive point. Too bad she is already married to our hero, Ned.

One Solid Couple

Back in the day, Catelyn and LF were very close and he wanted to marry her. But she only thought of him as a friend and was betrothed to Brandon Stark (Ned's brother). Our man Littlefinger challenged him to a duel for her hand and promptly lost. Catelyn was pissed and didn't talk to him for a long time. Not even when Brandon died and she married Ned instead. She eventually forgave him though and he later extended his Catelyn crush to Sansa. Hey, if you can't have the mom, how about her 13 year old daughter? Sansa wasn't into it either. Sigh, but there IS one person of Tully blood who just loves Littlefinger. Lysa! She of the creepy breastfeeding.

Shudder (no offense to the actress)

Though he does eventually use her crush to his advantage, Lysa is no Catelyn or Sansa!!

Reasons to love Littlefinger: Well I suppose Littlefinger should be commended for getting Sansa out of Kings Landing. She would have had a tough time without him. And he is helping her become a stronger and more powerful woman. He is also cunning, smart and witty. And I think he is under the radar so no one really considers him a threat. They underestimate him and I feel that is a mistake. Plus, without him, where would Tyrion find all the good whores? No one runs a brothel like Littlefinger! He is like the Hugh Hefner of Westeros.

Reason to hate Littlefinger: Ugh, he totally betrayed Ned Stark!! Damn him.

Why is Joffrey always everywhere?

This reason alone should make me hate him for the whole rest of the series, but I just can't. I am sure old Ned is spinning (headless) in his grave knowing that Littlefinger has his daughter. But hopefully it will all work out. Littlefinger also kills with no emotion. If someone needs to be dead to suit his agenda, he kills them (or has them killed) without shedding one tear. So he is really like a Hugh Hefner/Dexter hybrid!

High School: Littlefinger would totally be that guy who is always hanging out with the cool kids, but no one can remember how he got popular. With the ability to manipulate the majority of the the student body, he would quickly gain more and more popularity until he was prom king. Although the popular girls would like him, it would only be on a friendly level and never romantic. He would have to settle for the slutty girls who would flock to his side. No one throws a better high school party than Littlefinger. Girls, booze and bling would flow everywhere. Speaking of bling, high school Littlefinger would be covered with it! And he would have a chain wallet.

Let's Mix in Some Sticks: Biznasty, Littlefinger would be Biznasty (real name: Paul Bissonnette) 100%. Both have a dumb nicknames and both think they are super clever. I only really know about Biznasty through Twitter and he comes off as very arrogant. If Littlefinger had the technology to tweet, he would be just like him. Although I don't know a lot about his hockey playing skills, his wiki page doesn't boast a whole lot. So I am thinking he isn't the best player out there. Littlefinger wouldn't be either. They both rely on their so-called wit and charm to gain popularity. Biznasty should go to Westeros and hang out in one of Littlefinger's brothels!

LOL Nice Picture

Ugh, Biznasty would totally betray Ned Stark too! I just hope he doesn't gain as much as Littlefinger probably will in the near future.


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