Sunday, January 6, 2013

Happy New Year!

Yes, I know I am a bit late to wish everyone a happy new year. But I just haven't been ready for a blog post yet. I am still decompressing from the holidays and am finally getting back into a normal routine. Would you believe that Beddee hasn't worked a full "real" week since probably the beginning of December? And I had two glorious 4-day weekends in a row. Ugh, next week is going to be rough!Luckily, I have an ecstatic Saucer to help me through with our daily "business" emails!

So Beddee had a wonderful New Year's Eve day! My boyfriend and I went to Denver and visited the art museum, the nature and science museum AND the zoo (which was way awesome in winter)! We then ate a delicious Indian dinner and then drove home and stayed in for the evening. Beddee may have had some wine. I have a new favorite brand. Mainly based on the cute name and labels!

Le Dog, it's VERY sophisticated

But back to the art museum..they currently have (soon to be over) a beautiful Van Gogh exhibit. We have been meaning to get down there for months, but between weather, being sick etc. It just didn't happen. Now I am not the biggest art aficionado in the world, but I do love looking. I am not claiming to know a lot (I don't) and I am definitely NOT an artist. But this exhibit really spoke to me and I just can't stop thinking about it! The exhibit left me with many unanswered questions, so I am now reading this ridiculously good autobiography.

Not my usual type of book, but I love it

So yes, Beddee is into an artist phase! I know I am a bit late to the party, but why can't I stop looking at this picture??

Bedroom in Arles

The other museum had a really cool Pompeii exhibit that made me afraid of Yellowstone blowing up! LOL no, it really was fascinating to look at. This museum is right next to the Denver Zoo. We have a membership and can get in for free so we just took a walk through despite the fact it was 20 degrees outside! I am totally a cold weather person though. I would much prefer that than melting in the sun. There were actually more animals out than I thought too. And some I have never seen! Like arctic foxes and polar bears. And these crazy giant rats that were a lot cuter than they sound!

Well, enough about NYE, I just wanted to shed some light into my sudden interest in art and Van Gogh. Don't worry, I am still a Game of Thrones freak and have been being teased by HBO with all sorts of cool promos. 3.30.13 cannot come soon enough!

If Season 3 is anything like A Sword of Storms, it is totally going to be the best season yet. I wonder if they will do the Red Wedding in this one? I hope so..or do I?? I will be sobbing for weeks!

I have also started watching Once Upon A Time and it's actually really good! I am looking forward to it tonight. Along with The Biggest Loser!

So that is my quick update for today. I am on a new health food kick that requires me to go to the grocery store far more often than I am used to!


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