Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Sorry About The Entire Month of February

Hello everybody! I guess I have some explaining to do..I know I haven't been blogging lately. I took a little break from writing, but now I am ready to get back! I started crocheting and have been obsessed with making scarves for just about everyone I know. I am pretty proud because I taught myself by watching various YouTube instructional videos. And Crocheting For Dummies. I freaking love the Dummies books! They have gotten me out of many a jam..quite literally when I visited London. And I was able to find Platform 9 3/4 with it's assistance.

Next Stop: To Hogwarts!

Anyways, I do apologize to anyone who was missing me (if you exist, please comment). I decided I need to start blogging again since you know what is starting at the end of the month. This is, of course, Game Of Thrones Season Three! Wooooooo! I am getting so excited. They are showing the trailers and promo pictures and it just looks fantastic.

Wooooooooo Again!!

The trailer looks great, of course. I especially like the appearance of the BEAR!!!! And the dragons. And Tyrion. And Jon Snow/Ygritte. Ok I love everyone! Except Joffrey (okay, even Joffrey)!

I am still slowly bumbling my way through A Dance With Dragons. I really need to keep up with my reading more. But I have been so preoccupied with various activities. I usually read before bed, but lately I have been getting up at the butt crack of dawn to work out. So I get super tired and fall asleep mid-page. I feel bad for falling asleep while poor Theon is continuously abused by that freak Ramsay Bolton! After learning Theon's fate, I have fully forgiven him for the whole Bran/Rickon/Winterfell fiasco. It's not like the Stark boys are really dead. And you know Winterfell is going to rise from the ashes eventually. So let Theon be great!!

I am also excited for the upcoming movie, Oz The Great And Powerful. The original Wizard Of Oz was my very favorite when I was little. So this movie totally touches my heart. It looks super cool and I can't wait to see which witch is the green witch. I actually have a bet going on this (the price of movie admission).

Totally Mila Kunis

Well that is all for now. I will be writing more in the weeks ahead and then I plan to do individual episode reviews once our beloved GOT begins! I am happy to be back!


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  1. I could have shown you where that was if I'd known you were coming to town (I'm English and live in London). We won't be getting GOT until long after you guys, I might have to resort to Pirate Bay. I'm waiting for the new book too, I'm working my way through Justified at the moment, that show is seriously badass. Keep up the posts.