Wednesday, December 12, 2012

December is a Crazy Month

Why hello there everyone! I have been crazy busy lately and just haven't found time to write a blog. So this is a quick update. I am home sick today. : ( I probably should take it easy more often than I do. I just am always feeling so restless! But I went to the doctor and found out I have a sinus infection and I got medicine. I was planning to write a longer blog earlier, but ended up sleeping a good part of the day. I didn't even read about any zombies or Westeros! I will probably do that later. I am just hoping the antibiotics I took will make me well by Thursday at midnight in time for THE HOBBIT!!!! If only I lived in Hobbiton..

I will travel here one day (I hope)!
I will post a full review this weekend after I see this movie. A lot of my favorite shows have been wrapping up for the season too. This weekend marks the end of Dexter until the final season next year. OMG what is going to happen?! I think it's inevitable that someone is going to die. Everyone is hoping for La Guerta, but I think she is too obvious. I sort of give her kudos for FINALLY catching on. Maybe she isn't so sucky of a detective after all. I just hope nothing happens to my dear Masuka..he is so funny and I just love him. He has the best one-liners! Like that one about how his parents still thought he was retarded when he was sixteen..hilarious! But I really think the writers are trying to make us not like Dexter as much anymore. I am okay with that. It will make it easier for when he goes to prison with the death penalty for being, you know, a serial killer! That whole relationship with Hannah McKay was ridiculous and now she knows everything! I wonder how she is going to handle prison without an endless supply of sheer white tank tops and black bras?
Dexter what are you thinking?!
Although I am not a huge Hannah fan, I still don't think she poisoned Deb. Deb did that that shit herself! I think she put her anxiety medicine in her water bottle to make it look like Hannah did it. And Dexter fell for it. Deb has Lannister-like feeling for her brother. Even though they aren't REALLY brother and sister.
 These two

Are like these two? Maybe if Deb has her way!
Needless to say, I can't wait until Sunday! Or Thursday..I am planning on a Hobbit and Dexter filled weekend! Just not together. Dexter better keep his plastic wrap away from Hobbiton!

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