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The Dragons - Drogon, Rhaegal and Viserion

Ugh, I totally know that I have been a slacker with blog writings lately. There are lots of reasons behind this, mainly just plain being busy. Between my yoga/spinning classes and my birthday, I just haven't found time to blog. And..I am in the process of writing a book! I am so excited. Who knows if it'll be any good, but I am hoping for a hit! But there really is no excuse for my lack of blogging. And I got VERY inspired tonight because Saucer sent me the coolest gift ever. It is a crocheted Daenerys doll and her three baby dragons!! I would put a picture of them on here, but my camera is broken! I will post at a later time. So anyways, since I have already done a post on the Mother of Dragons, I have decided to dedicate a post to her beautiful babies.

I think this is way cool artwork

Okay, so in ASOIAF dragons are the coolest. I'm sorry, but House Targaryen has the coolest mascot. I mean, direwolves and lions are pretty awesome but they can't top freaking dragons!! In the land of Westeros, dragons have been extinct for hundreds of years. And even then they were pretty rare. They belonged to House Targaryen who used them to conquer the Seven Kingdoms. They ruled Westeros for as long as anyone could remember. Even after real dragons became obsolete, the Targaryen's sat the Iron Throne until Robert Baratheon "stole" it. The only remains of dragons left were skulls and skeletons which were kind of like dinosaur bones. Oh, and there were also some dragon's eggs that were petrified into stones. Dany received three petrified dragon's eggs as a gift for her wedding to Khal Drogo.

Okay I am going to cut this short. Those dragon eggs don't stay eggs for long! I think Daenerys always knew they would hatch. Spoiler Alert: Our Khaleesi manages to hatch the eggs by putting that bitch Mirri Maz Duur on (sniff) Khal Drogo's funeral pyre after Mirri completely screws her over. Both her unborn child and Drogo are gone and Dany has nothing to lose. She sets the whole thing on fire (with Mirri Maz Duur alive) and steps into the flames herself. Because she exchanged life for life, the dragons were born! This scene is one the best in the whole series (my opinion).

Reasons to love Dragons: These little baby dragons are adorable. We have the following:

Drogon: The black one who is the largest and named after Dany's beloved Khal Drogo. Of course, he is also the most aggressive.

Rhaegal: The green one who is named after her brother Rhaegar Targaryen (who also was gone too soon).

Viserion: The cream colored one who is named after her other brother Viserys Targaryen. Even though Viserys sucked, Dany felt that he still deserved to have a dragon named after him.

As babies, all of the dragons are pretty easy to take care of and Daenerys can travel around with them without them being too dragon-like. Even though the dragons represent the Targaryens' and Dany's rise back to power, she still has a lot to do before heading back to Westeros. The dragons faithfully travel with their mother past the Red Waste, to Qarth and to Slaver's Bay. With the help of her dragons (especially Drogon) she manages to free a bunch of slaves and they think she is just great. Many of them decide to stay with her and be part of her army. Daenerys and her dragons are now in the city of Meereen where she is practicing being a Queen for her inevitable return to get her throne back. The dragons are an integral part of this. Without them, she would probably have a much more difficult time getting people to follow her.

Traveling through the Red Waste with dragons

Reasons to hate Dragons: As much as she needs the dragons, they also cause a lot of grief because people want to steal them all the time. Or they want to marry Dany because they want access to dragons and power through her. Because a girl can't rule alone! The dragons are also kind of hard to handle as they get older and larger. I am not too far into A Dance with Dragons but there is a rumor going around that Drogon ate a small child. I personally don't believe it, but I guess it could be true. They are dragons after all! So Dany has to chain up the other two while Drogon flies off in a teenage hissy fit. That's about all I know at this point (I am trying really hard not to spoil myself but oh well). I hope everything turns out okay with these guys because I just love dragons!

Dragon Prophecy: So there is a prophecy that states that the dragon has three heads and this will conquer Westeros. One head is obviously Dany, but who are the other two who will help her? And will they ride the dragons into Westeros to take the Iron Throne? This is very fun to ponder and I am hoping the other two are Jon Snow (who may have Targaryen blood?) and Tyrion! That's my theory and I am sticking to it.

High School and Sticks: I am totally going to skip the high school section tonight. These guys are dragons and there really are no counterparts to them. They are mythical deadly creatures and I don't think they would go to school anyway. I guess they could be weird Beavis and Butthead pyromaniacs who light things on fire in the Chemistry Lab. But other than that, no Dragon High (unless they were mascots).

Which brings me to Sticks! Like I said in a previous post, I think the Detroit Red Wings would be the closest thing to a dragon mascot. Drogon even has red spinal plates!


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