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Bran Stark - The Broken Prince of Winterfell

Aww Bran. It breaks my heart just writing his name. The little Lord of Winterfell who loved to climb until he was thrown out a window by Mr. Kingslayer because Bran saw him having sex with his sister. As if THAT wasn't traumatic enough! And then he almost get killed again because of the same issue. The Lannister twins are worried he might remember the grossness of what he witnessed. And then it didn't even matter anyway because now EVERYONE knows about the incest (not that they can prove it). Here is a picture of Bran before his tragic crippling:

Bran is portrayed by Isaac Hempstead-Wright and he is absolutely perfect for the role. Check out his twitter page here. A "Simpson and Spongebob enthusiast" cute is he?! Before Bran's big fall, he gets his own direwolf along with the other Stark children. He calls his wolf Summer and boy is he loyal! He loves Bran so much and saves his life several times throughout the series. Check out this scene.
Catelyn is also pretty badass in this scene
Reasons to love Bran: What isn't there to love about Bran really? He actually has a pretty good attitude after getting crippled. He mopes around for awhile, but then he learns to ride a horse thanks to Tyrion. He loves it until he is almost killed by some wildlings. But he has another transportation system in Hodor the stableboy. He is strapped in a basket and carried around by Hodor (who is quite large). Hodor is a a simpleton and very loyal, but sometimes he forgets Bran is in the basket!
Poor Bran suffers a lot of hardships in his young life. As if it wasn't bad enough being crippled, he is left behind as his father and sisters all go to King's Landing. Granted, things don't turn out so well for them there (dead, a prisoner and a fugitive) but STILL! Bran really wanted to go. Then his mom takes off to avenge his window tossing. Soon after, his oldest brother Robb heads off to war to avenge Ned's death. So Bran is left as the oldest Stark living at Winterfell and he has to do a bunch of boring Lord stuff. He is only like seven or eight years old! And then, as we know, stupid Theon decides to take over Winterfell. This leads to poor Bran and Rickon having to go on the run. Not only that, everyone thinks they are dead! And Bran has to do all this being carried around by Hodor! But he always seems tobe fairly cool about everything and I love it! Oh and he has a "warg" connection with his direwolf, Summer, which is pretty cool. He goes into some weird trance and is able to "become" Summer! This actually helps out him and his friends quite a bit.


Reasons to hate Bran: There is no reason to hate Bran, but sometimes I question his decisions. I don't really want to go into it right now (mainly because I still don't quite understand the whole thing), but Bran decides to go find the "three-eyed crow" because he dreams about it. That darn Jojen Reed talks him into it. I really like Jojen and his sister Meera. They help Bran and Hodor escape from Winterfell and prove to be great allies (Rickon goes another direction if they are caught, the two Stark boys won't be together). But Jojen is impressed with the Bran/Summer warg thing and figures out that Bran dreamt of the three-eyed crow. So they all decide to go seek out this crow and they don't really know where it is! I guess Bran thinks it will teach him to fly or something, which I guess is pretty cool. But wouldn't he rather go find his family to tell them he is alive? I know that really, really mean people are searching for him, but he could maybe make it happen. Poor Catelyn could really use some good news. And the three-eyed crow lives beyond The Wall where all the creepy dead things reside. They even run into Sam! But he is not allowed to tell Jon Snow that his little brother is alive. The whole thing is just weird (including the warg stuff) but I am sure there is a point to it. I am a slooooooow reader and I am thinking that Bran finds the three-eyed crow in A Dance With Dragons.
High School: I am having a hard time picturing Bran in high school. I think he would just be a normal kid who got average grades and has lots of friends. He would most likely be in the school rock climbing club. Well, he would be until he saw the coach having an illicit affair and then he would get pushed off a rock!
Sticks Counterpart: Remember Saucer's post about Jeff Skinner? We have our Bran! Two "babies" who have a lot of heart and strength!
Bran is dreaming he is a hockey player

It came true! Perhaps Jeff is really the three-eyed crow?


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