Monday, November 19, 2012

The Hobbit and Other Movies

So yes, I have taken a bit of a break. I STILL haven't finished A Dance With Dragons and I feel so ashamed. But I figure I have been distracted by other interests of mine. And that's okay! I still love ASOIAF, but I think I am putting ADWD down for awhile until I really, really want to read it (and I know I will). I don't want my profiles to become somewhat of a chore and I plan to finish them as soon as I feel more inspired. But for now, Beddee is interested in a variety of books, movies, tv shows and activities.

Let's start with movies! I am pretty much obsessed with the new Hobbit movie coming out. I absolutely cannot wait for it. Let me give you a bit of background. I was obsessed with the Lord of the Rings movies when they came out. Like REALLY obsessed. I think I saw the second one 5 times at the theater alone. It was ridiculous. I even bought myself a replica of The One Ring! If I had written a blog then, Legolas would have been heavily featured.

What a dreamy elf!
So I am regressing back to this mindset when seeing previews and reading articles about The Hobbit. I rewatched the entire LOTR triology over the past two weekends to get myself hyped. And boy am I hyped! I took the day after the premiere off so I can go see it at midnight. I can't wait!
OMG, I saw Breaking Dawn Part 2 over the weekend. Please don't judge me! I fully acknowledge that Twilight is crappy. But I still read all the books and I have seen every movie. I had to finish it up! I fully enjoyed the movie for what it was and am sad that poor Taylor Lautner will probably never act again now. He is such a bad actor! But I still love Jacob. Especially in this form:

A direwolf he is not!
Aww Twilight I will miss you. Not really. I read the entire series at one of my past jobs where I didn't have to do crap all day. I tried re-reading New Moon at one point and it wasn't happening. They are like book junk food. And stop right there if you think I would ever read that 50 Shades tripe. Never!!
Let's see, I am planning on seeing Lincoln tomorrow night and I loved Wreck-It Ralph. What a super cute movie!
I'm gonna wreck it!
I see a lot of movies and just now saw that Life of Pi will be out this week as well. Sigh, I am going to be spending a lot of time in the theater. I will write a review of all of these movies!!
But that's all I have for tonight. Sorry it's a bit short and not a real entry-entry. I am regrouping on this whole blog thing. But thanks for reading! I see I have gotten a lot of hits lately and I am so appreciative. And I am totally not abandoning Game of Thrones as it is still my favorite TV show and book series. I just need a little bit of a break. And I am trying to talk Saucer into watching the LOTR movies because she has NEVER seen them! What?!!! I am just beside myself. I am sort of getting into fanfiction too. Maybe I will be writing some here in the near future (or have I already..) ; )



  1. I know, I know. I need to watch LOTR! But my brain has turned to mush without NHL and instead I've somehow become addicted to Supernatural. Don't judge me...


  2. I can totally see you fawning over Legolas as well. He even has a "skateboarding" scene that brings me back to our youth! I wish this short week was over already!

  3. I don't plan to watch any of the Twilight movies; however, I fully understand it if others do watch them. Everyone has different tastes in movies. :) As for 'The Hobbit' trilogy, I can't wait!

  4. Thanks for the comment Anthony!! I seriously cannot stop thinking about The Hobbit. I saw Life of Pi over the weekend and it was fantastic! And the best part? The Hobbit trailer!!