Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Sorry About The Entire Month of February

Hello everybody! I guess I have some explaining to do..I know I haven't been blogging lately. I took a little break from writing, but now I am ready to get back! I started crocheting and have been obsessed with making scarves for just about everyone I know. I am pretty proud because I taught myself by watching various YouTube instructional videos. And Crocheting For Dummies. I freaking love the Dummies books! They have gotten me out of many a jam..quite literally when I visited London. And I was able to find Platform 9 3/4 with it's assistance.

Next Stop: To Hogwarts!

Anyways, I do apologize to anyone who was missing me (if you exist, please comment). I decided I need to start blogging again since you know what is starting at the end of the month. This is, of course, Game Of Thrones Season Three! Wooooooo! I am getting so excited. They are showing the trailers and promo pictures and it just looks fantastic.

Wooooooooo Again!!

The trailer looks great, of course. I especially like the appearance of the BEAR!!!! And the dragons. And Tyrion. And Jon Snow/Ygritte. Ok I love everyone! Except Joffrey (okay, even Joffrey)!

I am still slowly bumbling my way through A Dance With Dragons. I really need to keep up with my reading more. But I have been so preoccupied with various activities. I usually read before bed, but lately I have been getting up at the butt crack of dawn to work out. So I get super tired and fall asleep mid-page. I feel bad for falling asleep while poor Theon is continuously abused by that freak Ramsay Bolton! After learning Theon's fate, I have fully forgiven him for the whole Bran/Rickon/Winterfell fiasco. It's not like the Stark boys are really dead. And you know Winterfell is going to rise from the ashes eventually. So let Theon be great!!

I am also excited for the upcoming movie, Oz The Great And Powerful. The original Wizard Of Oz was my very favorite when I was little. So this movie totally touches my heart. It looks super cool and I can't wait to see which witch is the green witch. I actually have a bet going on this (the price of movie admission).

Totally Mila Kunis

Well that is all for now. I will be writing more in the weeks ahead and then I plan to do individual episode reviews once our beloved GOT begins! I am happy to be back!